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Building quality 
since 1924.

Join us in celebrating a century of building quality in Guernsey.

Our experienced and reliable team understand the wear and tear buildings experience and what is needed to get them fit for purpose with solutions that last. We understand the importance of small-scale works, repairs and maintenance, as well as large-scale projects for all types of properties. These works can range in value up to £100,000 and include:

We understand the importance of small-scale works.

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Insurance works such as water, storm or fire damage

Disasters are unexpected and often devastating. At C.A. Duquemin, we offer rapid and comprehensive repair services for water, storm, and fire damage. We're dedicated to restoring your property to its original state, or better, with minimal disruption to your life.



Embarking on a project with C.A. Duquemin means expanding your property without compromising its original charm. Our skilled team offers unparalleled expertise in constructing seamless extensions which compliment your existing property.



From contemporary chic to classical elegance, the decoration of your property reflects your taste and lifestyle. Our team at C.A. Duquemin is ready to bring your vision to life, providing a bespoke decoration service that seamlessly blends style, function, and comfort into your space.


Repairs and maintenance such as timber and masonry repairs

Regular maintenance and timely repairs are the key to preserving a property's integrity and value. Whether it's timber restoration or masonry repair, our team of experts at C.A. Duquemin approaches every job with meticulous care, utilising their extensive knowledge and skills to keep your property at its best.

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