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We are celebrating our centenary year, click the button see what we’re up to!

Building quality

since 1924


A legacy of craftsmanship and innovation.

We believe high quality is never an accident. With nearly a century of experience, our roots run deep in Guernsey. Many of our projects are key to the island’s culture and history. From the Island War Memorial in 1926 to award-winning historical building projects like St. James Concert and Assembly Hall and The Island Archive at the former St Barnabas Church, our work stands the test of time.

We are a modern business with traditional values. Our highly skilled team and first-class sub-contractors ensure premium solutions are crafted for a diverse portfolio. Our honest and transparent approach makes us the first choice for new build and refurbishment of residential, commercial and heritage building projects.

Trust us for unparalleled craftsmanship, tailored solutions, and a lasting legacy of quality.


Meet the skilled and dedicated team behind C.A. Duquemin who bring a wealth of experience and passion to every project we undertake.


Featured Projects

Les Massies

The Port House


Coin du Pecheur


Our team’s experience, expertise and pride ensure your vision is built to the highest quality.



Our full-service and trusted project management approach ensures transparency, reliability, and a best value outcome.


Meticulous planning forms the foundation of successful projects. Our long-lasting relationships with architects, surveyors and other building professionals leads to seamless execution and outstanding results.


Building quality 
since 1924.

Join us in celebrating a century of building quality in Guernsey.
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